Corner Plot ~ a forest garden in the making

For 10 years I grew ‘conventional’ annuals for a box scheme but now, after studying the garden for my Permaculture¬† Design Certificate, I am developing Corner Plot field using the forest garden idea.

The field is about 3/4 acre and has various shrubs and trees already planted, for example; 10yr old walnuts, cherries , apples, pears, hazels and basketry willows; young eucalyptus, juneberry, persimmon, peach, gage, plums and mulberry; and seedling alders, chestnuts, juniper and saskatoon.

The ground has been built up with sand and gravel waste giving a top soil depth of about 8″ so my gardening methods have developed with the main aim of making more soil and preserving moisture; trees, mulch, chop & drop, more mulch and comfrey.

I produce enough food for my family and plenty to give away whilst improving the soil and adding plant and wildlife diversity to what was waste ground used only by dog walkers.

The field early 2002
The field early 2002

If you are interested in forest gardens, plant & knowledge swaps,¬† I’d love to hear from you.


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